IAW 2015 Mini Run


Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

IAW News is coming through~~ A remarkable event, Islam Aspiration Week is back with a variety of of mini events! And for the first time ever, Executive of Religious and Spirituality will conduct a Mini IAW Run!

  • When? 29/03/2015 (Sunday)
  • Time? 6.30AM (Arrival of participants)
  • Where? At Masjid Universiti, UBD

Click on this link for registration and details of this event: http://goo.gl/forms/EpzUHXDdVZ


Above is the Muslimin shirt for IAW Mini Run,


while the above here is the Muslimah shirt. The length of the Muslimah shirt will be different; much longer. (We will extend the length below the knees)

Find out more about the QR Code during the event!

Any queries please contact 8663870 (Aziz) or 8928274 (Izzati)

**Open for UBD-ians and public



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